Uranit Bar-Nes (B.Design) graduated with excellence from the department of Jewelry Design at Shenkar College in 2007, but in fact, her professional training as a goldsmith began at the end of 1990,when she studied handmade jewelry design with the famous master, Guy Kristin.

Since then and during her professional career, many of her fine handicrafts were presented at highly regarded exhibitions. Some of her works have won prestigious awards, such as: “H. Stern” prize for excellent achievement in jewelry design, “Designed in Israel 08” first prize for jewelry design, the “Israel Diamond Exchange” prize and a “Scholarship with Distinction” from the Sharett America-Israel Cultural Foundation.

In her professional life, Uranit Bar-Nes served as a jewelry designer with a few jewelry brands and jewelry shops. Among them are “Talins” – a high-end jewelry firm. The handmade jewelry designs, created by Uranit for these brands and for her own jewelry brand and jewelry collections, were very successful both in kind as well as commercially.


As a jewelry designer with a unique artistic style, Uranit investigates the field of physical links: connecting many parts, which have a specific functionality as singles, but while being connected together in mass, new synergic qualities are being created. The reference to the single part is not as a “sub-part”, but as a part with a full and whole potential to fulfill a new, innovative function.

In addition to her deep affinity to precious metals, a connection which finds its expression in jewelry design and goldsmith work, Uranit finds a big sense of mission in sharing her knowledge with students of all ages, whether by lecturing at Shenkar College, the University of Amsterdam, or by teaching one on one goldsmith classes at her well accessorized private studio. The teaching methods, which Uranit has developed during the years, are well known for their simplicity, brightness, and professional depth. These methods allow the students to acquire knowledge and practice of the highest standard and professional finish.